After a child has gone through our assessment process, it may be suggested that they take part in a prosocial activity (social skill building). We are proud to offer a step team experience as one of the prosocial options for children, ages 10-17 years old. Practices take place on Thursdays at 5:30pm.

According to Wikipedia, “Stepping or step-dancing (a type of step dance) is a form of percussive dance in African-American culture. The participant's entire body is used as an instrument to produce complex rhythms and sounds through a mixture of footsteps, spoken word, and hand claps. Though stepping may be performed by an individual, it is generally performed by groups of three or more, often in arrangements that resemble military formations.”

Our step team hosts public performances for various city and county events. Call Shawnessey Cargile at (912) 652-6518 for more information.

Young ladies learning a step routine